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Regular School

GIS Regular School avails higher academic skills that students should acquire at each grade.

Day School

GIS Day School strives to provide students with additional benefits like health, curriculum, fitness and more importantly helps students become self reliant.

Residential School

GIS Residential School offer its students with paramount opportunities and also develop interpersonal skills apart from academics to excel in their lives.

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School Life

At GIS, our Students are encouraged to excel in the skills that empowers them to become independent lifelong learners. Students are taught to be internally motivated to create their best work. The GIS school life creates leaders of tomorrow who strive for academic excellence.

Pre Primary

Pre Primary is where your child is starting his journey that will lead his / her to many paths of discovery and learning. Brain development is highest during these first six years of life.

Primary and Middle

Primary School Program is designed for the educational success of students approximately reigning between the age of 11 – 14 years old.


These core subjects develop the essential skills in literacy and scientific inquiry essential to their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum.

Higher Secondary

Higher Secondary Students at GIS, are taught extracurricular activities with academics which inculcates values and helps leading a steady life.

Continuous sharing of ideas

Education system

  • Our curriculum is designed in house to curate a reasoning ability of a child. It helps in preparing for the development of a scientific mind.

  • The curriculum is organized according to the interests of the child – in conversation, inquiry, construction, and artistic expression.

  • Project Work supplements the theoretical acquisition of knowledge, understanding and application in every subject area.

Information Area

GIS Clubs

To enhance the knowledge of our students we have different clubs which will make your kid well versed with knowledge. These clubs allow students to explore subjects in depth. Our motto of starting these clubs was to remove fears out of the student's mind. Different methodologies are used to teach science, music, languages, art, and craft etc.

Language Club

In language club we promote learning different languages which will enhance students to learn without boundaries. The main aim is to make them confident so that they can grasp knowledge.

Reader's club

This club was started to enhance the knowledge of the kids. In this club, we make our students friendly with books. This helps them to gain their knowledge worldwide.

Citizen's club

In this club we try to sow the seeds of citizenship among the students. We teach the value of helping and caring about each other in the society.

Rhythmic Club

Main Idea behind starting this club was to introduce different types of dance forms, music, and singing to create an interest to explore these fields.

Science & Maths Club

Through this club we aim at developing the logical thinking and making students friendly with science and math’s experiments. We also try to remove fear about science and mathematics from students mind.

Art & Craft Club

This club helps children to grow an instinct of communication process, thinking pattern, visualization which helps students to start a dialogue.

holistic approach

Beyond Academics

At GIS we believed in the holistic approach to learning that allows students to explore their latent skills. Each child is specially designed as per their field of interest and their expertise is further enhanced. Apart from the academics, GIS plays an important role in enriching exposure to sports, music, and drama. Every minute spent by the students at GIS is used to develop a mission and core values as well as the ethics of our institution.

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