Be the Leader to Lead Your Life

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Be the Leader to Lead Your Life

“Leader” might sound a very formal word or a heavy word to understand.  We certainly associate it with big expectations. When we talk about leadership, we tend to focus mostly on others: how leaders serve them, empower them and motivate them. Leadership is an attitude we can apply in every situation. Whether or not we like it, life places us in positions of leadership every day. The basic rule for success in your life, your work, and your career are for you to see yourself. 

Many leaders have certain traits and perform certain tasks that allow them to be respected by other individuals. If you would like to become a respected leader at your school, whether at your high school or college, then you need to be knowledgeable about what it takes to be a good leader. Keep the following in mind in order to become a successful leader in your school. In order to be a good leader, you need to know your strengths. Knowing your character strengths enables you to select environments that allow you to express and develop them.

Learning how to be a good leader can greatly impact success. This leader still needs to be capable of making difficult decisions, implementing change, and of charting new territory. However, the impact of the Everyday Leader is usually less visible than the leaders. When and where do you need the courage to make the right decision? To have that difficult conversation? To initiate the unpopular choice? It’s a leader that needs to call upon their courage to do what is right. Those who lead effectively give it their all. 

Leaders are not timid or hesitant because they know that only complete commitment leads to success in life and work. The best of leaders know the importance of forgiveness. Forgiveness is extending mercy to someone who injured us in word or deed. Being a good leader is about compromise. You don’t get the final say all the time. You don’t get to win all the time. Being a good leader is about learning. Never stop educating yourself. Find new things to learn about. 

Being a good leader is about being true to yourself. If you wake up every morning grateful for the day that lies ahead, go to bed every night grateful for the experiences you had, and acknowledge your highs and lows along the way, you’re doing it right. You can’t possibly be helpful to anyone if you’re not being true to the one person who needs you the most: yourself. Make yourself a priority. None of us is perfect. Take the time to find the true leader in yourself.

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