Extracurricular Activities for Grooming

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Extracurricular Activities for Grooming

Schools are not just places where knowledge is imparted, they are builders of character and personality. Not every student excels at academics and therefore they may feel disheartened or doubt themselves if the schools were just one dimensional. Therefore, extracurricular activates offer holistic grooming that goes beyond bookish knowledge.

Academics are an integral part of every person’s life, especially for grades in specific subjects do determine the students’ interest levels and in turn their career paths. Most parents, therefore, stress more on the academic aspects, but it is imperative to strike a balance between academics and extracurricular. 

Extracurricular activities ranging from sports, art, dramatics, debating, or reading can shape and groom kids to no extent. Here are a few benefits of extracurricular activities:

  1. Amplify social skills – Extracurricular activities like sports, dramatics, dance, etc. require students to communicate and work together. They form bonds, learn about teamwork and how to behave in a group. They learn to talk to new people or even strangers when they go out to participate in competitions etc. Extracurricular activities help build social relationships and amplify social skills.  
  2. Acquire new skills and broaden multidimensional knowledge – Exposing themselves to a few different activities, even for a short amount of time opens a new portal of knowledge and experience.  Each activity is uniquely its own way and has something different to offer. By immersing themselves in extracurricular, students benefit from the experience and gain a lot of new dexterities. 
  3. Aids in boosting academic performance- When kids have different things to do as well, they break away from monotonous lifestyle. They experience different things and find new levels of motivation. By striking the right balance and setting correct goals, extracurricular activities can also help in boosting the academic performance of the students. 
  4. Building confidence – Being a part of activities, engaging in social circles, honing skills help enhance confidence in students. The confidence helps them to believe in their abilities, let go of inhibitions and strive to do the best they can.  
  5. Enhancing time management and stress management skills – Besides being great ways to socialize and hone dexterities, extracurricular activities are a great way to teach students how to manage their time. Work and play need to have a proper balance, figuring out their priorities needs to be taught to the kids at a very young age, and therefore they learn how to manage their time between schoolwork, different activities, competitions etc. that they would be a part of.

Being exposed to multiple things at once, Extracurriculars also teach students how to cope up with stress, a dexterity better learnt at the earliest in this competitive world.

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