Month: October 2021

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Challenges Faced by Primary Teachers

Classroom challenges are one of the adequate problems faced by teachers and a good teacher has the courage to overcome all these challenges bravely. Some of the common classroom challenges faced by teachers include lack of teamwork, minimal personal time, working towards long term goals, arguments and student excuses, etc. Addressing these common classroom challenges


Challenges Faced by Secondary School Teachers

The role of teachers has greatly evolved over a period of time. In the present times, with the development of new methods in teaching, for eg: the digital way and smart learning has made inroads into the field of education. Upgrading your skills and knowledge from time to time is thus necessary and hence becomes


Making a Child a Responsible Citizen

It is rightly said by Sandra Day O’Connor, “We pay a price when we deprive children of the exposure to the values, principles, and education they need to make them good citizens” Contrary to popular belief, the words literacy, knowledge and education are not synonyms in anyway. Literacy is being able to read or write.

Top 8 Benefits of Having Various Clubs in School

Participating in various school clubs helps in building a child’s communication skills, creativity and teach them how to work effectively with other students. Such clubs provide opportunities to the youth to participate in activities, indulge in a supervised setting and form relationships. The benefits of participating in school club are far-reaching such as: 1. Higher


Growing importance of education in students

As we all know that Education has the power to change a life. Education is one key component that not only brings growth, but also helps in the progress of the society and development of mankind. The more students in our society gets educated, the more they can provide a beneficial contribution to their environment.