Challenges Faced by Secondary School Teachers

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Challenges Faced by Secondary School Teachers

The role of teachers has greatly evolved over a period of time. In the present times, with the development of new methods in teaching, for eg: the digital way and smart learning has made inroads into the field of education. Upgrading your skills and knowledge from time to time is thus necessary and hence becomes the utmost priority today. Classroom challenges are one of the ordinary problems faced by secondary school teachers. Successful and effective teaching learning process depends upon the quality of a teacher.  Some of the good teachers have the courage to overcome all these challenges bravely. 

Many teachers say their teenage students are quiet and unwilling to answer questions in class. Sometimes, this might simply be because they don’t know the answers, but more often than not it means they are nervous about making mistakes. This is another very common problem for teachers of teenagers. You spend a lot of time thinking of fun, interesting activities – then when you present them to the class, your students look away and say they’re bored. Soon enough, you’ll get frustrated and not know how to re-engage them. Teachers often decry the lack of time they are given to prepare, plan and execute all the tasks that are demanded of them. Unlike in the past when teachers can’t just finish off their syllabus and typically evaluate the students. The situation is more challenging today. Teachers have difficulty to build reliable statistics. Unlike in the past, there are serious competitors in every field and the situation is no different in the teaching career.

This causes a lot of pressure from school administrators to perform well every time without leaving any point of blame. A teacher is now accountable for the win percentage of the class, the lines of the student growth indicators, and even the disciplinary factors of the class they handle. Being accountable for a number of roles other than quality teaching is sure to put on a lot of performance pressure on teachers. Feeling overworked, unsupported, underpaid, lack of personal time, the difficulty of work-life balance and not getting proper rest all can result in burnout. 

Teaching is one of the most underpaid jobs. 

The teaching profession is dominated by women and we see very less men who prefer being a teacher. Teaching can be challenging at times, but as long as you really care about your students and really want help them, both with the materials in your class and their struggles outside your class, it can also be very rewarding.

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