Winter Flames IV Food Court Programme

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Winter Flames IV Food Court Programme

Gangotri School considers their students as their family and it works for the all round 360 degree development of the family members. Taking this thought and vision into consideration, Gangotri International School organised FOOD COURT PROGRAMME as part of Winter Flames IV Annual Sports Day. The program was organized on the 17th and 18th of December.

The program was held taking into mind the commercial view point and organizing and merging skills of students. The students of standard 11th and 12th commerce participated in it. Nearly 5 food stalls were registered after the tenders were passed out. Students were acknowledged with not only theoretical but practical knowledge too. They were asked to prepare everything in their stalls.

Different items on different stalls were prepared like pizza, barbeque vadapav, etc by the students and the authorities took special care for the safety measures. The program of FOOD COURT started at 8:00 AM with huge excitement among each participant.

Nearly 500-700 people marked their presence on the first day (17th December). A huge crowd rushed over the stalls starting from 9:00 Am to about 12:00PM. All the participants handled to managed a great the rush of crowd and understood lesson of customer handling. The first was so astonishing that students [participants] became more excited about the second day.

With the estimation of parents’ and their students’ presence in programme, students[participants] also learned a lesson of estimation and ratio estimation. On the second day [18th December] nearly 1000-1500 people marked their presence. Students [participants] were already prepared for the rushing situation and handled the crowd in a Smooth and efficient way.

The programme became successful with profitable condition in every stall. In this way the commerce were given golden opportunity to execute their commercial skills at this very age. Certificates to students were also provided by Gangotri International School to enthuse student’s internal inspiration.

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