Education System

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Education System

GIS Curriculum

Gangotri International has designed a sophisticated and narrow view curriculum. It is a combination of formal teaching and believes in giving the students a learning experience through educational assessments and human development.

The four essential skills our teachers try to follow along with innovation skills are:

  • Educate to gain knowledge
  • Provide an exposure           
  • Educate to gain knowledge

  • In GIS, the mentor’s main motive is to identify multiple areas of a student through eight intelligence theory. Clubs are formed for them to not only participate in classroom learning, extracurricular activities but also try to invent. This method is the opposite of traditional learning.

    Academic model with E³ System

    • We want our students to be proficient in each of the four essential skills.

    • Teacher with their content knowledge and innovative skills import subject knowledge to EDUCATEE in such way that, they not only get EXPOSURE to know or observe but also implement in real life situation where they can share and gain knowledge.

    • Finally they will EXPAND their LSRW skills which are the "Right Key to Success".

    Information Area

    Co-Curricular model with I³ System

    At GIS we facilitate the young generation to not only learn but also INVENT. Mentor IDENTIFIES multiple areas in which mentee is INTELLIGENT through eight intelligence theory.

    • This method is in contrast to the traditional education system.
    • We recognize and teach to a broader range of talents and skills.
    • Clubs are designed in a manner that engages most or all of the intelligence, which allows a wider range of students to successfully participate in classroom learning.
    Co-Curricular model with I³ System