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Respected Sir/Mam,
My son Yajatpratapsinh Sarvaiya is studying at Gangotri International School. I often visit your school. I was impressed by your school environment, campus cleanliness and well behaving staff.
I think it’s one of its own kind in Gondal.

With Regards

Mahadityasinh Sarvaiya
Parent of Yajatpratapsinh Sarvaiya (G5C)

Respected Teacher,
Hi, Namaste, I am Krishna Viradiya, mother of Vivaan Viradiya from Nursery class. I have been waiting for the opportunity to communicate with you. I am really impressed with your curriculum and teaching methods which is different from other schools. Well planned worksheets for practice makes me know how my child is performing there. I like to take this privilege to congratulate the management of the school for its endless efforts. I have noticed a lot of changes in Vivann’s speech, he is talking more and more now-a-days while earlier he was a very shy child. He sings all rhymes and by continuous efforts of the teachers I’m winning on decreasing the screen time also. All my years of raising my child and relating with his teachers, this school has the best teachers to date. Thank you very much for taking good care of my child. I’m very proud of you all for making it easy for parents to give their honest feedback as often as possible. Special thanks to Bhavna Ma, for all the solutions of my every query and questions. I truly appreciate your efforts.

Thanks and Regards

Krishna Viradiya
Parent of Vivaan Viradiya (Nursery)

“Jay Mataji”
My daughter Jaynandiniba Jadeja is studying in Jr. KG A and she is happily learning new things without any load at GIS with fantastic teachers.
Teachers at GIS listen to small small things from parents and that makes us more satisfied and happy.
Thank you to all teachers for making wonderful efforts for my child’s all round development. We are very happy with all activities done at school, we feel good to be a part of GIS family.
Thank you!

Sandeepsinh N Jadeja
Parents of Jaynandiniba Jadeja Jr. KG A

GIS is known for its best teaching method where they use contemporary technology like robotics to provide out-of-the class experiences. These experiences are important because they do not confine students to the four walls of a classroom. They give choice to students by which student gets a sense of freedom, can express opinions and will be more sociable. All these make them a better person in society, possessing a wide range of skills. Studying in a hands-on environment allows students to use their five senses to gain knowledge. GIS also has a canteen stocked with healthy food. A balanced diet is vital for students who spend many hours in school. Clean processed, nutritious food is a key feeding requirement for students.

Teachers of GIS are full of passion and liveliness. They do not only grab students’ attention but keep them on the edge of their seats wanting to know more.

Thank You,

Tasnim Sadikot Parent of Hasan Sadikot (Jr. KG B)

Jai Shree Krishna

Schools are a place where children get to make friends, learn new things and grow everyday. In fact, it is also hard to imagine a world without schools. Schools are the first place where children learn about life and many other things. Similarly, Gangotri International School plays the same role in my child’s life.

Since our child has entered GIS her growth has been extraordinary. GIS is such a breath of fresh air. Thank you for valuing our child and taking the time to learn her learning style so that she could truly succeed.

Thank you for empowering her with the tools she needs to learn and grow. Teachers of GIS are not just educators to our child, but they are a mentor and role model. We all know how much work you all GIS team members put in outside your regular workday to make that our child gets the best learning opportunities.

GIS is simply the best! Thank you GIS for unwavering support, guidance and shaping our child’s future.

Dr. Maulik Jagani Parent of Dwija Jagani (G2 B)

I feel blessed that I have a great opportunity in Gondal for my kids’ development.
My daughter Kanha is studying in G6B and son Dharmay is studying in G3C in GIS.
It is not only important what to learn, but also important how to learn and GIS is teaching both. Children should get attracted to study. They are excited to go to school. And I found this type of behaviour in my kids, and every student of GIS. They find happiness and a playful environment in GIS.
In today’s hard and fast life it is not important to make our children only studious and get higher scores in study. But also more important to make your child smart. And GIS is doing both. Not only parents but teachers also play an equal and important role in the child’s life development. They know the child’s skill, hidden talent and according to it they guide parents about giving direction in their child’s life.
Children are like flowers and GIS is a garden which provides a proper platform for the blooming of children.
School is also doing so many activities, stage performances, vocabulary development, drama, sports, singing. art gallery, science fair, festival celebrations – which are very important for the development as well as refreshment.
The spiritual slot, teaching of “Sanskrit” is a very important aspect. It is the backbone of “Bhartiya Sanskriti”. In western life it is also important that our children should not forget about our culture.
Now a days so many schools are converted in business hub, But GIS still is “વિદ્યાનું મંદિર” “Temple of Saraswati”.
GIS is the second home of my children. All teachers and staff are so caring towards children, even the bus driver (Jitubhai) is also careful about the child’s safety. Behind the success of any school, its staff and teachers are responsible.
Thanks to all GIS staff for helping us to develop our children.

Parents of Kanha (G6B) & Dharmay Kalariya (G3C).

Hello GIS Team,
I am the mother of Anshul Savalia (Sr. KG B) and Khush Savalia (Grade 6). I am very happy for my children, because they are learning very useful and valuable things from GIS. In Spite of illness my children want to go to school, so it is a very good thing for me. And this is because the teachers and staff give them good atmosphere like home. Your celebration pf each and every festival gives our children many values. In this city GIS is the best school for us. Your teaching style is very good. They learn easily from school instead of us needing to teach them at home. Thank you to all teachers, masis, co-ordinators, all staff for your best effort to make our children the best.

Thank You

Shraddha Savalia
Parent of Anshul Savalia (Sr. KG B) and Khush Savalia (G6)

Hi, my name is Bhargavi. My son Rannvijay Jadeja studies in Gangotri International School in Grade 3. He has been with the school for the past 3 years. The school has fantastic infrastructure and amazing facilities.
The school bags one of the best teachers training up with bright and vibrant classrooms. Adding to it, sports & other extracurricular activities give my child all round development.
This combination will make the children love the institution and when my child is happy, we love the institution more.
Keep up the good work,
Team GIS

Bhargavi Jadeja
Parent of Rannvijay Jadeja (G3B)

જય શ્રી કૃષ્ણ,
મારા બાળકો પદ્મજાબા અને ધ્રીતીમાનસિંહ નું Admission અમે 2020 માં લીધું હતું. અમને school નું online એજ્યુકેશન પ્રભાવિત કરી ગયું. ગોંડલમાં રેહતા હોવાથી અમે એવું ઇચ્ચ્છતા કે અમારા બાળકોનો સર્વાંગી વિકાસ થાય અને આવું વાતાવરણ અમને GIS એ આપ્યું.
અહીં culture અને ટેકનોલોજીનો સુગમ સંગમ છે. આપની સંસ્કૃતિનું જ્ઞાન અહીં બખૂબી આપવામાં આવે છે. સાથે સાથે બધી Activity કરાવીને બાળકોનો સંપૂર્ણ વિકાસ થાય તેની કાળજી રાખવામાં આવે છે.
અહીંનું વાતાવરણ અને અહીંના બધા લોકો ખુબ જ પ્રેમાળ અને સપોર્ટીવ છે એ પછી ડ્રાઈવર હોય કે HOD.
અમે ખુબ ખુશ છીએ.
Thank you GIS Team.

Jay Shri Krishna…….. Namaste
I Pooja Cholera would like to share my experience with Gangotri International School.
First of all, Dear School teachers/Class teachers, I’m very thankful for getting this opportunity to share my experience with you.
Few years back we had made a decision to send our children – that is my son (Hetvik Cholera. Sr. Kg. B) and my daughter (Aaradhya Cholera 5th A) to Gangotri International School. We are happy to say that we made the right choice.
Hetvik and Aaradhya are more active kids. Now, they look forward to going to school everyday. They enjoy doing various activities which are assigned at class or home. Not only day-school but also boarding / Residential school is better than good. The school environment and the whole school staff is also good and behaves politely with children and parents.
Thank you.

Pooja Cholera
Parent of Aaradhya (G5A) & Hetvik Cholera (Sr.KGB)


We are parents of Aarvi Kalariya. We are glad to share our feelings and thoughts to you. First of all Thank You, for doing your best for students and for being flexible and innovative in this tough time. Your theme base assembly idea is very nice and kids love it. Everything in academics is perfect and time-to-time. From our side a big thumbs up for all new ideas and efforts. Teachers are very supportive in academic and co-curricular activities. Mind spark and Bolo app are also very helpful to students, my kid doing very interestingly. Thank You for making this online education time so easy and interesting.

Parents of Aarvi Kalariya -3B
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I chose Gangotri International School for my son Khush (Grade 2C) with high expectation of getting the best possible education as well as exposure to extra curricular activities. I am not disappointed at all. In fact they have delivered more than my expectations. The amount of importance laid on sports activities, extracurricular activities like dancing and drawing which has become a dream in any school is indeed commendable. The staff is very caring, professional and responsible. It’s one of the well balanced schools for kids where the curriculum is not just targeted for studies but for overall growth of kids, by making sports and other activities part of the curriculum.

Mrs Mital A. Pipalava

Mother of Khush Pipalva - 2C
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It’s an honor to be a part of GIS Parivar. Our children can learn more than academics like culture, values, social development, self control, emotional understanding etc. Supportive, hard working teachers and staff always motivate, encourage and inspire children. They proved why teachers are considered GOD. Their assembly is very admiring, conducted by students and most importantly each and every students get chance to lead it. Our child’s leadership quality develop here They will be more innovative and active Morning prayer keep them nearer to GOD and develop their trust in GOD and culture. News reading connect them to the Nation and World at this early age Thoughts and new words make them more thinkable and innovative In this difficult time of “Corona” the efforts of GIS are most admirable and unthinkable They proved they develop our child at 360° development Thank you GIS for your support and efforts in this critical situation.

Parents of Mayank Sorathiya - 8B
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My daughter likes this school the most and here she celebrates so many festivals like Uttrayan, Christmas etc. We also like this school the most because this school is the best among all. My daughter has experienced 2-3 schools but this is her best school in her entire life and here in academics they are working excellent and she also got numbers in her class also which is awesome for school also and for her also.

Parents of Trisha Patoliya - 9A
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Good morning ma'am.... NAMASTE GIS!! We really appreciate the efforts to make our ward study even in this pandemic situation. My child is taking interest in online classes due to a wonderful & enjoyable experience!! Sometimes they ask funny and sometimes irritating questions. But hats off to both teachers’ patience that they give reply with always smiling faces which make the child satisfied....Lastly... It is fantabulous experience of the semester through online classes...Thank you GIS for helping Tanishi in every possible manner!!

Parents of Tanishi Thummar - Sr KG A
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