Our Approach to Online Learning

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Our Approach to Online Learning

Everything in this world took a drastic turn in March of last year, and every pattern or system we followed was turned on its head. Education too, was not exempt from that. But lie humans adapt to everything else, we adapted to this change too and brought most of our operations online, in the virtual mode.

The sudden shift of modes was unprecedented, and the teachers became the students and taught themselves how to deal with technology, teaching on video calls and presenting from home. This mode has its own merits and demerits, but we believe to make the most of it since the opportunity stands.  Online learning opens a new world to students, a world to absorb knowledge from various channels, teach themselves things and be more hands on.

Here is how CBSE schools have adapted to the online learning system –

1. Equipped our teachers

The teachers have been affected by the education turning to online mode. Most teachers who are middle aged and not very familiar with technology had a tough time adjusting in the beginning. Therefore, we have trained our teachers and provided them with the best assistance we can to make teaching easier.

2. Tweaked and updated the syllabi

The syllabi have been tweaked a little and updated keeping in mind the functionality of it being taught over the online mode. Teachers are using different modes in the classes like showing videos, documentaries, sharing presentations and E-books to deliver better.

3. Keeping things simple

The key is to keep thing simple and less complicated with things already being the same around us. Our approach is to keep everything straight, right from the content, delivery, class activities to the evaluation and examination system. We are striving to strike the correct balance of content and most suitable modes to make the learning most effective for our students and easy to administer for our teachers.

4. Being mindful of students’ needs

Keeping in mind that we are surrounded by stressors and students now, more than ever are burdened by a lot if things and uncertainties, we are mindful of their mental health, needs and wants during this period. We have made provisions to assist anyone who needs help.

5. Innovative ways and new methods

Experimenting has been the trend of the year; therefore, we allow our teachers some freedom to introduce new ways of teaching, using innovative channels, different modes, activities etc. to help them deliver their courses better. We are making use of resources available online and amalgamating them with traditional methods.

6. Trying to replicate the class environment 

Although the situation is quite different and practically impossible to replicate the environment of a physical class, we are trying to make it as close as possible by encouraging engagement, activities, and student involvement in classes. We believe that conversation and active discussions get the students more involved in teaching and the learning experience 

The challenge here is for the educators and how effectively they engage their students, and we are striving to make as much of this new learning opportunities as we can.

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