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Teacher’s Role in Preparing a Responsible Citizen of Our Nation

The role of a teacher is to shape the minds of the younger generation. Similarly, the student must be alert to build himself with the best of qualities and to get ignited with a vision for his or her future life. “Teacher is the maker of the nation” So for the development of the country,

Competitive Exams

Competitive Exams For Future Preparation

There is huge competition across the globe when it comes to Competitive Exams. Most of the students are going for a Government job and preparing hard for competitive exams. The reason being the better career opportunities that can lead to a better, more stable lifestyle. Competitive exams require a certain mindset, stamina, and understanding that’s

Clubs at School

Participating in various school clubs

Participating in school clubs helps in building a child’s communication skills, creativity and teaches them how to work effectively with other students. Such clubs provide opportunities to the youth to participate in activities, indulge in a supervised setting, and form relationships. The benefits of participating in school club are far-reaching such as: Improved academic performance


Why Should We Choose to Focus on Holistic Development?

Holistic development essentially means the development of intellectual, mental, physical, emotional, and social abilities of a child so that they are capable of facing the demands and challenges of everyday life. Raising children is a difficult task and it is only made harder by the cultural and societal differences for parents. There are many milestones,


How Peer Learning helps Students?

The term peer learning refers to situations where peers support each other in learning processes. There are different forms of peer learning such as peer support groups, peer tutoring, peer teaching, and peer-assisted learning. Peer learning emphasizes the experience of all participating students. Peer learning is not a single, undifferentiated educational strategy. It encompasses a


Your Child’s Mental Health is Important to Us

When we think of mental illness, we often associate it with adults. But research shows that 50 percent of mental illnesses can be diagnosed in the mid-teens. Mental health difficulties are the leading cause of lifelong disability with a very high risk of persistence into adulthood when untreated.  One of the most important things you


Special Features of our Well-Equipped Library

“The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” -Albert Einstein Something the students at GIS need not worry about since our library is digitalized and access at any time.  GIS has a digital library, a repository of information, books, archives, research papers, audio and video educational content ranging from


Extracurricular Activities for Grooming

Schools are not just places where knowledge is imparted, they are builders of character and personality. Not every student excels at academics and therefore they may feel disheartened or doubt themselves if the schools were just one-dimensional. Therefore, extracurricular activates offer holistic grooming that goes beyond bookish knowledge. Academics are an integral part of every


How to Develop a Friendly Relationship between a Child and a Teacher?

The relationship between student and teacher plays a large role in the trajectory of a child’s academic success and social development. Establishing a positive relationship with their teacher helps a student feel more comfortable and safer in their classroom environments. Building upon that premise the teachers need to create a nurturing environment where students feel


Education is the Key to Success

We start to learn from the moment we are born. We learn how to attract attention and get our demands met. We learn how to interact with others and how to crawl, walk, and run. A portion of this we learn on our own, and the rest we learn from our parents and siblings. As